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Digitales POS-Display

Art Screen


Our customer, United Ambient Media AG, wanted displays with specially equipped light technology to exhibit gallery images in an eye-catching way in cafés and restaurants.

United Ambient Media AG was formed in 2007 from the merger of Edgar Medien AG and Boomerang Medien GmbH. It is the market leader in the field of ambient media in Germany.

Scope of tasks:

The customer wanted us to provide them with screens with specially equipped light technology to display beautiful art projects in cafés and restaurants.


The objective is to find a new marketing opportunity at the point of sale. Galleries can present their works of art digitally on these special screens.


We received a design drawing from our customer and based on that, we made a prototype. After a successful presentation of this prototype, we produced 55 displays. Not only does our screen adorn many cafés and restaurants, it also brings visitors a little closer to the subject of "art".


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